Why I’m Not a Believer

I was scarred by the movie The Ten Commandments. I saw it when I was 7 years old, which they say is the age when kids are most impressionable, for whatever that’s worth. Anyway, two scenarios really stick out in my mind. One is when Moses has God make the Pharaoh’s kid sick, and says, “Let my people go or I’ll have God kill the kid.” And so Pharaoh, beaten, says, “Go.” And Moses says, “So long, Sucker!” and God lets the kid die anyway. Nice fucking guy!

The other thing is the part where the tornado of fire carves the commandments themselves, and Moses carries the tablets down the mountain, and sees everybody having a feast in celebration to having reached the Promised Land, and everybody was having a good ol’ time, eating and drinking and debauching and singing their praises to the fatted calf (What the hell, they’d just been starving in the desert for <i>forty years</i>, and suddenly their feasting on fatted calf, drinking, debauching, and basically being merry, and along comes Moses, and he’s shocked, <i>shocked</i>, I tell you!, when he sees all that happiness and wild abandon, so he rises up on his self-righteousness and flings the commandments at the carcass on the spit over the fire, and it blows up and it was like a bomb had gone off in the middle of Woodstock. No, thanks, I don’t need that kind of god in my life.

If you include political systems under the umbrella with the mainstream religions and fringe cults, religion is the single greatest cause of all of the bloodiest wars there have ever been

But I kept hearing “you create your own reality.” My Dad gave me a copy of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” when I came home from the USAF. That got me started on my quest to make money purely by the power of positive thinking, which led to one thing after another, and  has ultimately led to my avocation of metaphysicist.

Profound Revelation # whatever: Mother Nature was doing just fine creating sensuous, sensual, sentient, sensitive, intelligent, loving, beautiful beings who would have never had to work and could just frolic and play and make love all day, forever! Amebas don’t die of old age. Plants don’t die of old age. Why should people die of old age? Because along came Spirit, who because of his quickness and grandiose overview, instantly appointed himself Boss of Everything, and started making rules against stuff like eating from the tree of knowledge/life, and telling us how ashamed of ourselves we should be for being naked, and the rest pretty much is history.

Profound Revelation # whatever +1: Which spirit was it who punished us for eating from the Tree of Life? If we had been allowed to eat it, and not condemned to eternal death, we would have discovered that it contained the secret to how to literally not die at all, ever, and how to to real magick, and create beauty and love and joy  beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. My current paradigm shows quite clearly how all of these things are possible.

People say that humans are smarter than dolphins, because humans build buildings and make wars and stuff, but dolphins just frolic in the sea all day.

Dolphins say that they are smarter than humans, for exactly the same reason.


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