Get what you want

You have survived three million years of evolution, you’re damn right you have a right to whatever you can get.

The secret to becoming a Free Human (rather than a brute) is learning how to get what you want not by using force, but through free exchange with peers.



According to, God says he wants peers.

Hey, God! If you want peers, you have to stop telling everybody that they own everything!
Maybe self-ownership is the factor that’s been so elusive for so long.

Unconditoinal Love is the raw material of Creation

For the spirit-polarized:

For the will-polarized:

It’s a whole new paradigm. A new awakening is taking place, since Spirit recently discovered that he’s not supposed to be the boss of anything or anyone. The very concept of boss-ness is outside the purview of the Divine Will and Natural Law.

God’s Will is Free Will. Freedom is my Worship Word!

Why does everyone expect government to grow?

Apparently, people have a misunderstanding of what the purpose of government. In the extreme, they think it’s supposed to be the boss of everybody, as in, “Majority Rules.” That’s democracy, which is Greek for mob rule. That’s the only way that people have figured out how to operate the commons, that is, there should be a constant uniform standard for roads. But once the routes are decided and the roads are built, why does the planning committee hang around at taxpayer expense with no job other than to think up new regulations.

Government isn’t supposed to _do_ anything but sit there and be a reference point. Everytning that gets done gets done by some person. As long as nobody’s robbing anybody, who needs any other rules?

I was going on about growth of government – why do people insist on more government all the time?

Government shouldn’t grow at all. It should be like a trellis, and the whole rest of the country is the ivy. You don’t expect the trellis to grow, just to be there to provide a framework for the ivy to organize itself around as it sees fit to suit its own purposes.


250 States

It’s been suggested that we need to break the country up into 250 states: .

My own take goes something like this: say each state has 250 counties, and each county has 250 townships, and each township has 250 subdivisions, and each subdivision has 250 neighborhoods, and each neighborhood has 250 individuals. The same amount of government (enough paperwork managers to maintain  a communications nexus for 250 entities), the whole Federal Government could be cut down to Constitutional size.

When I’m elected: , I’ll fire every unelected Federal bureaucrat, with three months’ severance pay, and a promise that if things in America don’t improve for everyone in those three months, that they can all have their jobs back at full pay and I’ll resign in abject humiliation and you can all go back to fighting over whether your high muckety-muck wears an “R” or a “D” as the perpetual welfare/warfare state drags us all down into the smoking pits of Hell.